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New Arena Fence Completed with the generous assistance from Thiess Degremont

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Dedicated Workers, Dean, Geoff, & David building our Arena Fence
Tuesday, 22 March 2011

How Fantastic does our new Front Arena fence look. A huge Thank you to those dedicated Fathers and Mothers of our members who came along and got this huge job done. Our thanks must also go to Thiess Degremont who through the Community Partnership program was delighted to assist Wonthaggi Pony Club in completing the installation of new arena fencing and recreational facilities. Karen Lee, Wonthaggi Community Relations Manager for Thiess Degremont said 'The new arena fencing provides a safer riding experience for young people to enjoy.' which all Wonthaggi Pony Club members and users of the arena thoroughly agree. The arena draws many positive comments from visitors to the ground and is very much appreciated by them for the safety and security it provides them whilst riding.


Front Arena Fence finally completed.  


Old picnic table replaced with 3 New Picnic tables.


The middle and bottom rails of the fence, fencing around the shed, gates and the picnic tables were purchased with funds that Thiess Degremont donated to WPC through its Community Partnership scheme.  All the labour to ram posts, erect the rails, and anchor the picnic tables was provided by Wonthaggi Pony Club volunteers.



With their very generous supportThiess Degremont has enabled the club to provide these wonderful safe and secure club assets.  Thank you Thiess Degremont.