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Not Quite Pony Club! with The travelling Adamson family

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Lola, Molly & Nick Camel riding in India

Molly can now compare her riding experience with a Horse, Elephant and Camel

Molly, Lola and Nick all look like they are thoroughly enjoying their time away from us

Position, Position,Location, Location, Location go Molly

Nick, Lola and Molly in Egypt "Keeping up with the Adamsons"

Molly and Lola riding in Thailand
Thursday, 20 October 2011

Molly and Lola reckon this is about the closest thing they will be getting to riding for awhile whilst they embark on their journey around the world 'Not Quite Pony Club' but pretty close! Wonder if they are able to get their mount to canter on the right leg? Nice saddle too. Looks like your'e having a ball.


Molly and Lola reckon this is not quite Pony Club, but close right?


KEEPING UP WITH THE ADAMSONS -Thailand, India and now Egypt! "