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2012 Award of Merit - Sarah Coleman and Stephanie Carfrae pictured with President -Rebecca Vuillermin and Suzanne Heislers - District Commissioner
Friday, 28 September 2012

On Wednesday 26th September the Pony Club Association of Victoria - West Gippsland Zone Annual General Meeting was held at Korumburra. A highlight of the evening was that Associate Wonthaggi Pony Club members Stephanie Carfrae of Kardella and Sarah Coleman of Glen Alvie, were awarded the prestigious Pony Club Association of Victoria Award of Merit for giving outstanding practical assistance to their club. The Riding ability of the member plays no part, as this is to be regarded as the highest award for service within the Pony Club movement. To be considered worthy of this award the Associate Member must have always been helpful and thoughtful for others and genuinely interested in seeing that the aims of the Pony Club Movement are upheld in the Club of which he or she is a member. This award is to be considered the highest honour for service and only outstanding Associate Members are considered worthy. The inaugural award was first given in 1967 and was then known as the Shell Award from 1985 it became known as the Award of Merit. Stephanie Carfrae has been a member of PCAV for nearly 19 years. She first attended Korumburra Pony Club as a four year old on a little lead pony called Teddy, before moving onto her proper first pony club mount Beau. Steph was a member of Korumburra Pony Club for many years before transferring to Wonthaggi Pony Club of which she is currently a member of and is a regular attendee. Sarah Coleman has been a member of the Wonthaggi Pony club and PCAV for Ten years. During this time Sarah has been a regular attendee at rallies and all Wonthaggi Pony Club events and functions. Sarah loves coming to and being involved in Pony Club.



Stephanie Carfrae and Sarah Coleman receive the Pony Club Association "Award of Merit" at the WGZ AGM which was held at Korumburra on Wednesday 26th September, 2012


History of former Wonthaggi PC members that have previously received this award are as follows:


SHELL AWARDS:       1979     Elizabeth Stone      1982   James Fraser and  Sharon Simon  

AWARD OF MERIT:   1985    Joanne Cox  & Kerry Green (Lamers)     1997    Kathryn Tayler    

1998    Belinda Mitchell      2009   Lauren Claessen and Tegan Murley      2012   Stephanie Carfrae and Sarah Coleman  



SHELL AWARD are:         1974   Kaye Craddock                1977   Ian Chalmers               1984  Suzanne  Craddock (Heislers)