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Santa comes to our December Rally - Merry Christmas everyone

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'Hello Santa' thanks for coming to Wonthaggi Pony Club
Saturday, 8 December 2012

What a fabulous Christmas breakup we had. On Saturday 1st December we held our last rally for 2012 at 'Bunerong' what a day it turned out to be. The weather was glorious, the venue with the million dollar views overlooking the Inlet at Inverloch, what more could we want? We headed off altogether in one group on a trial ride down the back, then it was time to experience what's its like to round up cattle in huge open paddocks with a very dominant bull who did not want his girls to shift paddocks, but the well trained dogs of Bec and Geoff's soon got him to change his mind. We then got to all have a go at some Campdrafting in the yards, this proved to be a huge hit with everyone. We even got to see the dogs again at work with some wayward steers that broke out of the yards. Geoff also demonstrated some Campdrafting moves on his top stock horse mare, which was awesome to watch. When we finished our riding we headed back to the shed, tied the horses up and had a BBQ lunch in the shed. A special person also made a surprise visit then awards for the year were given out. Then it was time to pack up, dodge the bike riders and head home. Thank you Bec and Geoff and also the Gibson family for allowing us to have the privelige of coming onto your property and celebrating our year. It was GREAT!



Here comes Santa

Santa has arrived

Santa and his Elves

Santa with members Amity, Trinity and Lucy

Goodby Santa we've all been good!

All Bec wants for Xmas is a Washing Machine....

WPC members and Santa

Santas Elves

Sue and Geoff at the Xmas breakup lunch

Enjoying the Xmas breakup lunch

Time to hand out our Giftsand Awards

Thank you Sue Britt for all your hard work in the Canteen

Gift Time for Sophie P

Gift Time for Sophie D

Gift Time for Amity

Gift Time for Briley

Gift Time for Lee

Gift Time for Boyd

Gift Time for Trinity

Gift Time for Lucy

Gift Time for Kyah

Gift Time for Caitlyn

Gift Time for Clay

Gift Time for Viv

Gift Time for Maddy

Gift Time for Jess

Gift Time for Grace

Gift Time for Carly

Gift Time for Emily

Gift Time for Steph

Gift Time for Sarah

Gift Time for Carleen

Xmas Ride at "Bunerong:

Xmas Ride starting off at the shed

Jenny leading Briley

Getting ready to go

Landscape 1

Landscape 2

Shannon and Sarah C

Group 1

Lisa feeds Bec some much needed treats

At the stock yards 1

At the stock yards 3

At the stock yards 4

At the stock yards 5

At the stock yards 6