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Wonthaggi PC Members have a great day out at Meeniyan PC Showjumping day

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That's what our club is all about: Steph helping out Trin and Lucy with their SJ course
Sunday, 9 December 2012

Congratulations to ALL our members who represented WPC on Sunday 2nd December at the Meeniyan PC Showjumping Day which was held on the Oval at the Stony Creek Racecourse. Members who rode on the day were: Steph Carfrae, Viv Carfrae, Maddy Chalmers, Jessica Bolding, Grace McLean, Logan West, Boyd West, Trinity McInnes, Lucy Phipps you all did the club proud well done everyone. Special mention to Jess Bolding who was the C Grade Reserve Champion



Our Members do very well at Meeniyan PC Showjumping Day




B Grade:  Stephanie Carfrae on Touch Up # 4TH overall in the Championship


C GradeJessica Bolding on Touch of Gossip - # C Grade Reserve Champion

               VivienneCarfrae on Bob Conroy - # 3rd Overall in Championship

                Grace McLean on Maggie May - # 4th Overall in Championship


D Grade: Madeline Chalmers on Sharinga Jubilant # 3rd Overall in the Championship


E Grade:  Logan West on Azza - #10th Overall in the Championship


F Grade:  Boyd West on Rosie -  # 3rd Overall in the Championship

                 Lucy Phipps on Storm - # 4th Overall in the Championship


Thanks to Bev Main of Main Memories videography for the beautiful photos

Walking the course

Touch Up and Bob 2

Having fun

Juby enjoying his hay

Lucy 27

Lucy 22

Lucy 21

Lucy 16

Lucy 11

Lucy 5

Lucy 2

Lucy 1

Maddy 09

Maddy 06

Maddy 1

Maddy 2

Maddy 4

Maddy 8

Maddy 12

Maddy 26

Maddy 56

Jess 1

Jess 2

Jess 5

Jess 3

Jess 4

Jess 6

Jess 9

Jess 10

Jess 13

Jess 23

Grace 2

Grace 3

Grace 4

Grace 5

Grace 9

Grace 9

Grace 10

Grace 11

Grace 16

Grace 20

Grace 28

Grace 31

Grace 35

Grace 45

Boyd and Rosie up and over the jump

Boyd and Rosie 3

Boyd and Rosie 2

Boyd and Rosie 4

Boyd and Rosie 5a

Boyd and Rosie 5b

Boyd and Rosie 6

Boyd and Rosie 7

Boyd and Rosie 9

Boyd and Rosie 9

Boyd and Rosie 11

Boyd and Rosie 17

Boyd and Rosie 8

Steph 1

Steph 2

Steph 3

Steph 4

Steph 5

Steph 6

Steph 7

Steph 9

Steph 12



Trin 7

Trin 8

Trin 10

Trin 12

Trin 13

Trin 14

Trin 22

Viv 1

Viv 2

viv 6

viv 18

viv 14

viv 13

viv 12