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2013 Wonthaggi PC Dressage Championships and Combined Training Day

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'Sharinga Jubilant' during the Grade 2 PC Showjumping round ridden by Maddy Chalmers WPC
Thursday, 21 March 2013

A fabulous day was had by all at our very sucessful Dressage and Combined Training day event. Huge thanks to Suzanne Heislers and Carol Chalmers for all their hard work in organising and co-ordinating this day for our pony club and to all our volunteers that helped on the day.(Gear Checkers, Pencillors, Stewards, Scorers, Canteen workers, Sheet collectors) Jenny Hollins and Robyn Bolding ensured we had great food to eat on the day and were kept extremely busy preparing and selling food. Ian Chalmers built 2 great Show Jumping courses which challenged the riders and their horses. Thank you to Wonthaggi Adult riding club members, Missy, Carol,Donna and Rhonda pitched in and helped us as well which we really appreciated. Thank you to Kaye Craddock for her expertise in the scoring office and also helper's Chris Heislers, Pam Kalms. Peter McLean did a fantastic job judging our Grade's 2,3 showjumping courses and Ian Chalmers Grades 4 & 5 Our Thanks also go to all Dressage Judges: Bev Shandley, Doris Reddet, Jacquie Witt, Donna Murley, Rhonda Smith, Clarissa Bentley-Bell who all did a great job.



Grade 1: Dressage  - Carly Heislers - Thorpville Espresso 1st Test 1C & 1D - Overall Champion


Grade 2:Combined Training PC - 1st Carly Heislers Thorpville Espresso - 5th Jessica Bolding Touch of Gossip - 6th Madeline Chalmers Sharinga Jubilant

Grade 2 Dressage: PC =2nd Carly Heislers Thorpville Espresso, 7th Maddy Chalmers, 9th Jessica Bolding, 10th Emily Burns Dexter

Grade 2 Open: Combined Training 2nd Emily Burns - High Rail Annie, 3rd Maddy Chalmers RL Sir Oliver 

Grade 2  Open Dressage: = 2nd Emily Burns High Rail Annie =2nd Maddy Chalmers RL Sir Oliver

Grade 3 PC Dressage:  Sarah Coleman - Monty 11th

Grade 4 PC  Dressage: Clay Duke - Rex 6th  and Logan West  - Jack 11th

Grade 4 PC Combined Training: Clay Duke 4th

Grade 5PC Dressage:Boyd West - Unalla Park Taylers Chalk 1st Test 5C 3rd Test 5B & Overall Champion -  Lee Duke Forrest 4th - Sophie Phipps - Storm 6th

Grade 5 PC Combined Training: Lee Duke - Forrest 2nd and Lucy Phipps - Storm 6th

Grade 5 Open: Dressage Trinity McInnes - Ratty 1st  Test 5B 

Grade 5  Combined Training: Trinity McInnes - Ratty 1st

Grade 5A Dressage:  Sophie Dalton 3rd - Its Timmy Time