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'The Wonthaggi Club' and Inverloch & District Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank support and sponsor Wonthaggi Pony Club

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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Wonthaggi Pony Club gains some major

Support and Sponsorship


Wonthaggi Pony Club is proud to announce that “The Wonthaggi Club” $5,000 and the “Inverloch and District Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank” $2,500 have joined the pony club as new sponsors and supporters to help the Wonthaggi Pony Club complete a new large sand arena which the club is in the process of building. This new arena will also greatly enhance the events the club already run and mean that the Club is able to hold more events year round, fostering a greater number of competitions locally to assist members to progress with their riding abilities.  The Club is hopeful that this may also include a state-wide event once this facility is commissioned.  The new arena will also help facilitate the club’s ongoing financial self-sustainability, providing valuable funds for maintenance and upgrades into the future.