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Katelyn Hollins and Chester win the PC Grade 3 Horse Trials at Wonthaggi PC & HT Results

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Katelyn and Chester wearing his winning Grade 3 PC section rug
Monday, 3 December 2018

It certainly had been a long time since WPC held a Horse Trials at their Sth Dudley Grounds but on Sunday 2nd December the club ran a fabulous event with the grounds looking absolutely immaculate. PC Grades 3, 4 & 5 with Open Grade 3 & 4 sections were offered for riders at this event.

Horse Trials held at Wonthaggi PC 

It had been approximately 20 Years since the club had held a HT and what a fabulous day it was.  Congratulations to WPC member Katelyn Hollins on winning the Grade 3 PC section which turned out to be a tough test for all riders in that section.    Thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the day and especially those who spent many many hours building jumps and clearing the xc area.  A HT is a big event to run.  Well done everyone. A great acheivement by all.

WPC Members that competed on the day:

Katelyn Hollins - 1st Place Grade 3 PC Section - Chester

Viv Carfrae - 5th Place Open Grade 3 Section - EP Griswold

Renee Dunbar - 4th Place Grade 4 PC Section -  Glowing Star

Amity McInnes - 5th Place Grade 4 PC Section - Ringmaster Hilton

Molly McLean - 6th Place Grade 5 PC Section -  Killincy Rose

Ella Berry - Grade 4 PC - Bella

Brigette Tack - Grade 4 PC - Private Dancer

Jade Afford - Grade 5 - Shady Creek Phoenix

Freya Berry - Grade 5 - Eva

Click on link below for the full list of results


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